The Application of Listening

stop and friskSocial Media has afforded us the opportunity to bear witness to events occurring locally, regionally, and internationally. For instance, the  Stop-and-Frisk phenomena happening in New York City, enabled us to see the injustices afflicted on disenfranchised persons. Also, the high profile case of Trayvon Martin, kept millions all over the world glued to the story, the outcome, and the impact of rooted racism. These cases move us because they pigeon-hold certain individuals from achieving the American Dream. Therefore, we begin to see marches and campaigns for justice. However, one must consider the first step before action can take place and that is to listen. Trayvon-Martin-Rally

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. “ — Epictetus

life-coaching-listenListening is not only an auditory function that the body is able to perform but connects us to the outside world. When we begin to listen we become more informed by our surroundings, gain knowledge, and perhaps effect change. Kivi Miller offers us 17 tips to do with the things we hear, that can enhance organizations as well as personal growth. All her suggestions are beneficial and provide food for thought. I believe her most important point was to BETTER UNDERSTAND THE PEOPLE THAT MATTER THE MOST.

Constituents within non-profit organizations should be the most valued and sought after resource when constructing goals for agencies. Yet, this has been proven to be the opposite. It is no secret that non-profits are in competition for resources and depend upon sponsors to keep them afloat. Consequently, these precarious circumstances leave clients unheard, ignored, and invisible to the very organization they seek help from. Goodconversationgoodlistening

Roger Chapman, puts an interesting twist on how listening impacts blogging. Similar to Kivi Miller’s understanding your audience, he highlights how learning styles may influence public perception. He defines each learning style, commonly used phrases of each style, and what techniques better impact these learning styles. It is very imperative that we remain relevant and aware of the audience we are trying to reach. Listening will be our gateway into breaking barriers.


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  1. gsusocialmedia
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 11:55:31

    Monique – Very nicely done!


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