Aboredbabys I was exploring the 300 channels these satellite stations love to brag so much about…again…I could find nothing to watch. I finally gave up and left it on Flashpoint, a drama series following officers handling crises. This one episode focused on the challenges encountered by two brothers residing in an urban setting.troubled-teens

The older son was a former gang member that transforms his life by attending college to become a nurse and works long hours to support his brother. The younger son is an adolescent about fourteen years of age battling the negative influences of their neighborhood, his mother’s brutal passing, and misconception of manhood. In this episode, the younger brother witnesses a murder by a fellow gang member and has been marked for death. The older brother and the task force come to his aid by capturing the individuals who try to assassinate him. To make a long story short, these brothers must confront the perils of life to have inner peace and face the demons of their past.ss084buddha-peace-posters

Immediately this show made me ponder choices and how it influences our lives. Choices is a word that is used frequently in human vernacular but I think we rarely recognize the power it holds. What if the older son would have remained in the gang? What if the police would not have helped these young men? WHAT IF??!!

choicesA common phrase I heard growing up is, “It’s not where you start but where you end.” While this is a true statement in the context it was use; it is important to assess how we began our journey and how our choices governed our lives. Often, when I observe various situations in people’s lives; I wonder “what landed you here?” As people begin to tell their story you are able to piece together the puzzle that gives you the whole view.

Experience has taught me that choices do not only stem from individuals but from their backgrounds, beliefs, and current gang memorialcircumstance. When I was watching a special on gangs, it was very disheartening to hear youth state they joined gangs for protection or to feel loved. It is evident that these choices would lead these young people down a turbulent road filled with chaos and dismay; but they felt like they had no choice. Many people have died from choices they have made just like others have created a legacy. Where have your choices landed you?



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  1. csparks2
    Oct 01, 2013 @ 20:24:24

    I love this! My choices have made me different than the rest of my family. I chose to care about school, I chose to be in sports, I chose to have friends that supported me and who had goals themselves. I did not choose which parents I had, but luckily they also let me choose most of my life decisions such as what sport I wanted to play, what college I attended…. I really enjoyed reading this 🙂


  2. gsusocialmedia
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 11:58:52

    Moe – this is really well said. You have come along great in your blog post writing. I look forward to reading your posts for the campaign.


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