The Great Divide

“Religion is the opium of the masses”.—Karl Marx

Marx_oldSociological Theory was the first time I heard this paraphrased statement from renowned German economist Karl Marx. This quote was a very perplexing concept that I had a hard time grasping and intense emotions around. How could someone have the audacity to equate religion to opium? Isn’t opium a substance that people use to get “high”? Through life experience I was taught that religion and God were interconnected and should be treated sacredly. I knew some people that considered placing the bible on the floor as a sign of disrespect to God. Some may have even considered not attending church as an unpardonable abomination. Despite these taught beliefs, I began to question its validity when I strolled unto the diverse communities and cultures of UNF. It was here, that I began to form friendships with people in the LGBTQ community and get deeper insight.

I felt incredibly torn. How could these people be an abomination to God? They were people with feelings, families, and desiresreligion to be loved just like me. They were my friends. When I began my quest for knowledge it was then that I realized, that religion and god, are not one in the same. Fellow bloggers, Dr. Diva Verdun and Emily’s sentiments , discuss the significant differentials of the two.
jim jonesThere have been previous cases where religion was used as a tool to control people. However, it is not my intention to perverse the term religion but provide an open dialogue on the topic. In my experiences, religion has come with too many do’s and don’ts that seem to stifle the human spirit and yield unrealistic expectations. Spirituality provides a gateway for people to be who they are as well as decide the fate of their own existence. A common statement I heard as a child, was “Man was created in the image of God.” Now. Who are we to decide who is worthy of this resemblance?

We come to understand that GOD has Everything in hand and that we don’t have to fix other people for God or any other purpose because we are now to busy fixing ourselves. —Dr. Diva Verdun


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  1. gsusocialmedia
    Sep 29, 2013 @ 19:42:37

    There are many important thoughts here and we appreciate your being willing to share them with us. It’s not easy to find our way from all we have been taught through all of our own experiences and realities. Your process is a good one and keep thinking it through.


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