Whatever Happened to the Sunshine State?

Since the untimely death of Florida native, Trayvon Martin, there has been a lot of negative comments, press, and stereotypes associated with the state of Florida. From this verdict, it seems as if the media wanted to keep a watchful eye out looking for its next big break—and they did. Every other day was a story broadcasting a series of misfortunate events that “plagued” this trouble state; from police brutality, residents losing their homes to sinkholes, and murderous rampages in urban cities. Many people have solicited my opinions on these controversies in the media or my favorite, “Moe what’s going on with your home state?” There has been an overflow of questioning and accusatory statements that has led me to speak on the good Florida offers.

20130517_101813 (1)

What other place could you go where the weather is bright and sunny year round? I’m waiting…NO WHERE!! Florida is  home to numerous beaches and lakes that are frequented by natives and outer towners alike. Miami is a notorious getaway for vacationers because of its metropolitan lifestyle, beautiful skyline, walking strip mall, and exquisite boutiques. Florida is also composed of various cultures that have migrated all over the world to partake in the richness of the sunshine state. These dynamic flavors bring a very savory favor to the melting pot which is Florida. Let’s not forget about the amazing themes parks that inhabit Orlando under the guise of Walt Disney that taught children everywhere to dream. A little closer to my hometown (Homestead, FL) are the legendary keys where fishing and partying is at an all time.


Media has been a very useful tool that has forwarded political battles and brought awareness to many issues (i.e. civil rights movement). However, society has been forced fed its “awareness” by producers, news anchors, and creators of local broadcasting stations. This is what aides us in making critical judgments about people, without leaving the comforts of our sofa at home. Instead of people saying, “What happened to the sunshine state?” Let’s think about “What has happened to the media?”



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  1. gsusocialmedia
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 20:12:26

    Love the dolphin! This is a great post. You share a bit about yourself, while also taking on a good media issue. It does seem like the media has become the message sometimes. I was just commenting on the same thing regarding the President’s speech the other night. Good job.


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