Professional vs. Personal

Technology has become the new means of communication within our society and is steadily taking over. No longer are we in the days of book reading, going to pay bills in person, or simply writing a letter. These modes have become outdated and just as extinct as the dinosaurs we hear about in our learning institutions. What has replaced these former interactions is technology that yield quicker tangible results and an overabundance of access. While these essential components have created a more productive society by creating awareness, helping organizations to thrive, and connect diverse populations; it is key to weigh the negative impacts of too much liberty.

Social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have become the top picks for displaying individual talents and achievements within our personal lives. However, these networks have left many in precarious situations that has led to possible unemployment and imprisonment. Being a student on the brink of the professional arena, I have taken certain precautions when using these sites:
1) Be cognizant of posts and pictures you put up
2) Place control settings that approves everything that is put on your page
3) Place privacy settings on your account

These techniques can be helpful when navigating social networks and limiting the access that many may have if you. Just remember….if you wouldn’t do it in front of a priest or your mother…it may not be a good idea to post it.


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  1. gsusocialmedia
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 20:15:45

    So – what do you think about your facebook page being seen by your employer? Is that ok? Should it be a requirement of employment? These are difficult questions and speak to the issues of privacy and personal use of social media. I wonder what you think about professional use – organizations, causes and advocacy groups? Social media as a tool can be a good tool for good purposes. These are the things we will be talking and thinking about as we go through the semester.


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